The DC SUPERSHOW promotes, sustains and evolves to expand interest in fine writing instruments with one of its core goals being to assure that the art of writing is preserved for future generations to discover, to learn and to enjoy. Millennials are on the forefront of taking handwriting to a new level.



The DC SUPERSHOW began like other shows of its period providing a venue for vintage pen collectors to buy, sell and trade. During the coming three decades the show expanded to accommodate a growing interest in handwriting leading the way in preserving the art of handwriting for future generations.

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Advanced collector and pen aficionado, Bob Johnson, launched this unequaled pen show in 1990 and it remains the largest and most important worldwide pen event.

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BOB JOHNSON started the DC pen show 27 years ago in the nation's capitol  city. After last year's event he talked to Glen Bowen about joining forces because of Bowen's deep knowledge of trade and consumer shows. Bowen successfully developed and hosted Las Vegas shows for the watch industry. 



BARBARA JOHNSON continues to make an indelible mark during the DC SUPERSHOW contributing long hours and energy as the go-to person for special requests and information about the show. Most of her time is working the Admissions Table, but she gets around to help out anywhere she's needed.

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GLEN BOWEN recently joined the DC SUPERSHOW Team to promote, organize, and maximize the opportunity to grow the show's influence worldwide. More than 16 countries participated in    the 2018 pen event. Bowen is helping to implement many new opportunities, including this new web site making it    more informative and complete. Bowen also renamed the event to DC SUPERSHOW, designed the new show logo and pre-registered all exhibitors for the entire 2019 show to a Sold Out position as of December 31, 2018. In addition, he hired a Public Relations expert to promote the 2019 show to the public nationally, regionally and locally with the goal to double the weekend traffic.